I have known Vivienne longer than anyone else.We graduated from High School together in 1966 at Lakenheath American High School at RAF Lakenheath, England.
    We had not seen each other in 50 years. But we go back farther than that. We attended elementary school together in the mid fifties in Phalsbourg, France.
    You could say it was our 56th reunion!
Bob Peterson
Niceties & Comments.
Ms. Jennifer Odom, Sales Manager
Ms. Shannon Earley, Director of Catering
Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront
1550 N. Atlantic Avenue
Cocoa Beach, Florida 32931

Dear Jennifer and Shannon,

    I don’t often write one letter to two people. However, in this instance it seemed
appropriate. Each of you played such an important role in making our event such a success.
The purpose of the letter is to say Thank You. Sure, we couldn’t have had such a perfect
event with the help from you both. But there are so many other people who also deserve
recognition. We have a number of anecdotal stories regarding a number of Hilton staff members.
Sadly, I don’t have all their names. Let me give it a go…

1. I should start with you two, Shannon and Jennifer. We know you had to deal with four of us
and that, in itself, could be a challenge. Your attention and suggestions made everything
perfect. So, please accept our special thanks.

2. There are often unsung heroes at every event. One group may be the bell staff. Again, I don’t
have their names but they were all so helpful. I believe they were well taken care of and they
sure took care of us. One story I would like to share is when one of our Lancers (that is what
we call ourselves) accidentally handed the bellman a folded stack of money she took from her
wrong pocket. Instead of handing him $10, she gave him a couple hundred dollars. The
Bellman let her know it didn’t seem right, and she corrected it. The Bellman didn’t have to do
that...but he did.

3. I would like to give a shout out to the front desk staff. I have a few favorites, but they were all
so helpful and professional. This morning I made an effort to remember their names...but as I
sit here writing I could only remember one. No, I won’t single her out...they were all good.

4. I will single out the Chef. As you know, we wanted our group to have Fish and Chips Friday
night. Sure, we could have gone to Long John Silvers (horrors be the thought). Your Chef pulled
it off perfectly. Yeah, I know you can’t please everyone...but this time I believe he did. The
service from the wait staff and kitchen was excellent and the quality was top shelf.

5. On a personal note, on Friday morning the A/C was not functioning properly in my room. I was
on the way in from my car and told Jennifer about it. Pretty much before I got to my room a
maintenance guy was there looking at it. Before the day was done he had installed a new unit.
How often does that happen in a hotel?

6. The night of the “big event” we had Robin to work with. What a trooper she is. She had such
great control as we were getting set up. We know stuff doesn’t just happen...but under her
guidance stuff happened with perfection. She needs to know how happy we are.

7. I need to mention Tracie our bartender for our Saturday evening cocktail hour. Even though
that glass room (yeah, I know it has another name) was quite warm and our crowd converged
on her bar pretty much all at once, she made it all happen. Good job Tracie.

8. The banquet service and food quality was beyond excellent. Many of our people commented
about how good the food was comparing it to the lesser quality of other reunions they have
attended. I personally loved the roast beef, it doesn’t get much better than that. (I should have
gone back for seconds...but I eat too much already).

9. The room upstairs, 712, hit the spot. We called it the Day Room after the lounge area we had
at Lakenheath. It performed it’s function perfectly. I hear some folks hung around until 3:00
am Friday night (not me).

    What I have shared above are my experiences. I didn’t even get to the pool or bar outside.
So I don’t have anything to report...except I do know when we needed to find someone they were
pretty much always found outside. Must mean something worked. Since I live on the beach about
12 miles south in Indialantic I didn’t bother going to the beach. However, I sure did hear a lot of
our people rave about the bar and beach. They seemed to really appreciate what we have here on
the Space Coast. There are likely more stories and complements you may hear, but the purpose of
this note is to say thank you and to let you know how happy we, the organizers, are. Of course,
the attendees were elated as well.
    Writing on behalf of Vivienne, Bob, Frank and myself we offer our heartfelt thanks for a
superb facility, an excellent staff and a job well done. Thank you.


Jerry D. Nicholas

    My first reunion and I can't believe it was so easy to connect with folks I haven't seen in 50 years! Thanks to all the organizers for putting together such an outstanding event!

Medora Browning
    I would just like to say, regards our reunion, not enough time to spend as long as I wanted with all my old friends. Miss you all more than I can say. Take good care all ya'll so we can do it again, as soon as our livers will allow!!!!
Diane Bagdasarian
    It was wonderful to finally meet all the lovely ladies of Lakenheath that I have heard about for so many years... the ladies that Dee Christensen II has measured all women against. All of you are all everything that he has told me you are: bright, caring, sensitive, kind, fun, beautiful inside and out, genuine, sweet, friendly and so much more. Thank you Rachel Evans, Pat Harrison, Melissa Cawley, Wendy Bailey, Diane Villar Mullis, Sharon Eakes, Liz Osborne, Luana Marvin, Janet McWilliams (fondly known forever as LBJ), Donna Riggins... all of the fantastic women that I met. Thank you for taking me into your fold and making me feel that I am a welcome part of your lives. I can honestly say that this reunion has truly become a highlight in my life. I love you all.
Chelle Christensen
    Frank D Kelley, Jerry Nicholas, Vivianne and Bob did such an amazing job. So many details and thought put into this event.
    The Irish Pub, the chef at the hotel fixing, pretty dang authentic Fish and Chips, the decor and surprises for the dinner/dance, the band knowing all the British music from our era, the turnout of so many classes with such great vibe and you, Frank!!
    You are a bundle of energy and so much more. Great organizer, smart, charming and sharing your stand up routines, a great plus.
    So good to see you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for you gave to all of us!!
    Much love to you and your beautiful bride,
Paula Crews

    Those 70's "kids" were great! And what a special " treat" that one of them sang with the Platters and added to an already awesome live entertainment duo!
Vivienne Grilliot 
    I think we were all closer than a regular HS because we were ALWAYS together...meaning we ate every meal together as well as having the dorm life and dances AND we were ALL new students at one time or another. We understood how someone felt arriving there with no friends so we'd take them under our wing. They were some of the best years of my life.
Dianne E Lewis
Thank you for everything Frank. It was awesome. I know how much work you put in and it all paid off!!!! Lifetime memories.
Donnie Perdue
    I know when I had to come back to the US in the last semester of my Senior year, I felt lost & so alone. All my friends were at Lakenheath & everything & everyone was different. The atmosphere of the school was different. I felt like everything was foreign. I cannot describe how lonely I felt not how much I missed my roommates, my classmates, my friends & yes, even some familiar "frenemies" because no body was really an enemy at Lakenheath...we were FAMILY. 
    This was one the most painful times of my young adult life & soon after Bob & I were married, who did I seek out but you, my family from Lakenheath!
    Somehow, connecting with you set my world right again. Give everyone in the family a big hug & kiss for me at the '66 reunion!
Deborah Gagnon