Merilyn Wright 
    We sure had alot of fun there- I will always be glad that I went to LHS and treasure the friends I made there

Tonya Odom
    The memories will be endless. I cried when I left in 1965.

Len Joslyn
    Those were some great days.

Jim Boling
     Some of us changed in the bathroom after graduation so we could head to Mohawk on the next thing smokin'. Little brother, Mom and Dad were left to turn in the caps and gowns.

Richard Dalbey
     Wonderful days and memories, if only I could live those days over again !!

Len Joslyn
     Had a ton of fun at Mohawk too.

Judy Niederkorn
     Nothing like the memories from Lakenheath, they will live in my heart forever...

Sharon Wittman
    That was the best time of my life. Just wish I could have graduated there instead of California. Happy days indeed.
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Gerry Groves

Sandra Lewis
    GREAT memories for sure.. and Sharon, I concur.. wished I didn't have to leave in the middle on my junior year there.. frown emoticon

Jim Boling
    Yeah, Len Josslyn, that was my second PCS made leaving a camp to go directly to an airport for return to CONUS. After graduation, I never went back to Wethersfield, or our house in Witham. Did the same when leaving Japan in 1960 - Dad picked me up at camp and we conected with the rest of the fam en route to Tachikawa. GOOD times!

Tonya Odom
    Remember how we all complained. Give most anything to see it again.

Dianne E Lewis
    I will always be thankful for the years spent in England and in school there. They were some of the best years of my life also!

Rodney Brown
    I was happy to graduate HS but really enjoyed that Summer of '65. Worked at NCO CLUB for shocking 75 cents an hour. Best summer of my young life. Left Wethersfield in Sep for Little Rock & culture shock. Youth ended that summer and I joined Army, adulthood quickly ensued as I stood on the Wall in Berlin, Germany and then the beaches of Viet Nam.

Tom Mendell 
    Could write a book on memories of that place and Dorm 5. Rodney Brown , I also worked at the Molesworth Club in '63 - '64 as a glass washer, bar stocker and puke cleaner upper. Started at .75 an hour, then received a raise to a buck an hour cuz the man...See More

Rodney Brown
    Tom Mendell: I did all of the above plus cooked and washed dishes. Also made donuts at 0500 for airman. I would go home at lunch and come back in the afternoon until 1230 am. Finally got up to $1.00 an hour. Got a similar job when we first arrived in Little Rock at the NCO Club, I think was bumped to $1.25 an hour. So, I joined Army for a whopping $78. per month but, you did get room and board. haha

Bill Richard Pendergrass
     The years at Lakenheath were the best and I did not see anyone again for 50 long years.

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