Odds & Ends & Other Bits
    Curly Black, class of '67, raises beef cattle on her ranch in Texas. For 30 years she has been naming all her prize critters after Lancer alumni.
    I don't know about you, but I am darn proud that Von Rabbi fetched over $600.00 at the auction.
    So enjoy your next Meat Meal, there could be a little bit of you in every bite.

    On the evening of May 23, 2007 I had the honor to meet with Donna Musil, Director & Writer for the film, Brats – Our Journey Home.
    If you have not seen this emotional panorama of our lives in “The Fortress”, then you must! Donna has done something truly wonderful here and all of you are well represented in the portrayals of life as Brats. I spent my 3rd to 6th grades in Germany & England then back to England for my last two years of school. Every aspect of my experience is documented in this film. The pictures are not of me personally, but I saw myself in every facial expression. I felt each and every emotion hinted at within the scripts. I left the final credits with a sense of loose ends of a great circle coming together at last. Not with a crash or fanfare, but with just a simple click.
    I am a Brat and I would not have it any other way!
    I thank you Donna for sharing your insight, your vision and the hug! 

Frank D Kelley ‘66 
Dotty realizes the visual...!
Dotty Hoerter listens as Dennis McGradey predicts what we will all look like in 2006...
Dotty Hoerter was our 1966 Prom Queen and Dennis McGradey was her lucky escort.
Odds & Ends & Other Bits is a place to put the
"Leftovers * Homeless Things * Confused Stuff"
from the old Dayroom Years.
We also place New Arrivals untill they find a Page to move to..
Terry Stahl admires his Moped while serving in Korea..
Vicki Lippe '66 and Sandra Lewis '66  meet after 39 years. I'm sure they sounded just like they did in the girls dorm all those years ago. Talked all night I bet!
Teens of the Month
Tom Groves ('67)
Tom Groves ('67)
        Selecting the appropriate words to convey our heritage is by far no easy task.
Lakenheath High School  April 2004    Thank you Les Dyer '65
Mary Zane White
Bob Petersen
Floyd Bustamante
Sandi Lewis
Cheri Agnew  '72
Diane Fuller '65 taken in 2010