We partied
in fabulous 
Las Vegas!
Nancy  Baldwin - Bill Kennedy - Connie Foster - Dan Cummings - Pam Buchanan- Mari-Lyn  Wright - Daryl Gibson - Sue Schmidt                 BACK - Joe Fulmer - Ed Pierson
Pam Buchanan - Chuck Owen -  Jim Melton   - ?
Meri-Lyn Wright - Connie Foster - Sue Schmidt - Daryl Gibson 
 Nancy Baldwin
Sue Schmidt
Joyce Spraggins
If you recognize any of these vagabonds, let us know so we can name the guilty for having a great time!
Ric Romano
Ric "The Zoot Suit" Romano
Dan Cummins       -         Daryl Gibson
Ed Pierson - Mari-Lyn Wright  - ?
Sue Schmidt       Ric Romano
Dan Cummins.
Daryl Gibson
Ed Pierson     - Connie Foster     Dan Cummins
Sue Schmidt
Ed Pierson           Bill Kennedy         Dan Cummins