If Only For One Day Again
    We as Lancers are so fortunate to have lived a lifestyle like no other. We have collected so many wonderful memories from our youth growing up in a magical place and time.
    If you could go back in time and relive just one special day, relive a memorable moment in its entirety again, what would that memory be?

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    Sharon and I boarded the bus Friday afternoon and settled down for the two hour ride back home. We had been a "Couple" at LHS for about three weeks and my 16 year old heart was bursting with a teenagers first dive into falling in love.
    Sharon was taking notes from one of her text books which was normal procedure for the first hour of the trip.    
    She closed the book, leaned over and gently kissed me on the lips.
    I took Sharon's hands in mine and looked her straight in the eye and said it. "I love you!"
    Sharon just stared at me for what seemed an eternity, then kissed me! She kissed me hard, wrapped both her arms around me and hugged me just as hard.
    Sharon had a tear in her eye when she said, "I love you too."
    That was many, many years ago, but still a moment I'll always cherish and a moment I would love to do one more time.
David Robinson
​Andre L Everett
    My first dance at the Alconbury AYA. 1 week removed from South Philly. It was a cultural overdose. I felt like one of the Jackson 5.
​Evan Driggers
    Doing a scene from The Lark with Doris Buckhannon.
Robert G. Mullins
    I remember when I first arrived in Lakenheath and my dad had a room all set up for my sisters and myself. He had a toy on each bed for each of us...Something so simple meant so much to me. I miss him so much.
​Suzan Turner
    Probably one of my best memories was going to London a few days before we left England and meeting up with some of my parents’ English friends. Mr Pearson had their butler dress in full livery and drive me through Hyde Park in their Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. Later we went to dinner at one of their favorite restaurants. It was pretty magical.