Some of the prizes
More prizes
Odyssey 2001
Some one got a very rare Bob Dylan last concert add
Hospitality suite under construction
Just about finished...!
After the Bash started
Before they got there
Rabbi keeps score
Bill Burd worries about his motorcycle
Terry Pulliam could care less about Bill Burds bike!
Gale Rhine frets over Bill's bike...
Our real English Butler takes care of his charge, Stephanie Evans
Frank hugs the beautiful Sharon Vos
Bruce Geyer and Kay Watzon
We would like to thankĀ 
Mr. Chris Perrins, our real English butler, for his outstanding performance!
The little figure that hung around the computer. Who is this guy? What does he want of us?
Syd Falk - Lee Dyer - Ann Harding - Cheryl Ellis - Mary Lee Brantley
And Again
Frank takes a break
Roger Nelson as backup dancer to someone we never heard of...
Bill Kennedy - Pam Buchanan
Pam Buchanan
Ann Buchanan waxes nostalgic
We ate real English candy
After all these years, Frank's hair is no longer bothered by the wind...
Ann Buchanan wonders who would be calling her at the reunion!?!
Pam, Lynn and Ann  make the pool even more inviting.
Wendy Bailey and her mob!
Rick Rollin was great until he started singing
Such a lovely pool...
Just set your mouse over each picture and you can read the captions..

Back To The Day Room
Jan Burleson & Angela Walden
Some actually went to the beach...
Two sweethearts from 1965  and stll good looking!
Soooo, she doesn't care bout my scooter! Well, we will just see about that...
Talk about treasures found on the beach!
Captain Skivies strikes again...
Mary Lee Brantley and the curvacious Terry Pulliam
Cheryl tells Frank about Rick and the hung story....
Rick! Eat your heart out!
A bunch of 70s Lancers
Kay Watzon
A good time at the Pig & Whistle
King of the 60s   Queen of the 70s