The Classes Of 64, 65, & 66 Partied In Colorado Springs
August  23 24 25  2012.
Once Again,
Cheryl Ellis And Her Band Of LHS Vagabonds Put On A Great Party!  
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We checked in then we gathered in the Memory Room
Now it was time to Meet & Greet... Hug... Squeeze... Shake Hands... Kiss Cheeks... 
Wendy Underdahl Skarstad, Cheryl Ellis Duke, Doris J. Shuler
Joe Sontag
Mary Lee Brantley  Donna Young
Greg Rathjen  Lauren Marple
Ken Skipper Barbara Vavrinek, Rodney Brown,
Lee "Clint Eastwood" Dyer
Tom Mendel  Donna Young
Checking out the free breath mints..
They know, but they are not telling
The Molesworth Gang
Lani Skousen
Just About Everybody
Class Of 1964
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Class Of 1965