When Lakenheath Was Still New 
Pictures are from November 1960
Sheets Day

     One day a week we brought our dirty bed linens here and exchanged them for clean linens.
  There appears to be two butter patties stuck to the ceiling waiting to soften enough to drop on some unsuspecting Lancer...

   If this does not mean anything to you, then you just need to move on.
  There is still the initial landscaping taking place, and the Grass would grow greener by the Girl's Dorms. 
  This is a typical Dorm 5 room. Always neat and tidy! Never failed a room inspection! Beds were made to Military Academy standards! The men of Dorm 5 set the standards for which the other Dorms would attempt to achieve!

   And if you believe this, then you really need to move on...  
     On the back of this photograph was a hand written note.....
   "Domestic Services"
     Notice the yet to be stocked empty shelves, cases and cabinets in the back of the room. 
     Rumor has it, you went outside and found a fresh frog to disect...  
    Submitted by Carrie Knuppel from her days in the Dorms in the early 80's.
    We feel this was appropriate even back then.

The Last Will and Testimony of a Lakenheath Dormy

    The dormies stomachs at Lakenheath dreaded each time they had to ingest.

Food, I think that’s the name they gave it
For World War III they ought to save it.
It could destroy a city or a town,
 or knock any human-being down.
The turkey roll we eat each night,
 in goes my fork and it puts up a fight.
And the hamburgers they expect us to eat;
 I don’t believe they call it meat.
The spaghetti that wiggles like worms on our plate,
Popped up and asked the corn maggot for a date.
When you come to the bacon, eat it fast,
 if you want to conserve your gas.
The royal dinner is chicken-a-la-king; you can see why they beheaded the poor thing.
The meatloaf, the meatloaf, a soybean treat,
 is this what a bean looks like when it’s in heat?
The chicken dates back to the year 1601,
 when no one knew the meaning of well done.
Oh my God, a French fry on my plate,
 I better eat it before it’s too late.
The pink glazed doughnut, Oh! What a creation,
 they are the dormies only salvation!

Written by Tonja Stewart, Tina M. and Ruby Knotts