The Class Of 1961 Was First To Graduate From Lakenheath High School And They Threw A Party In Nashville To Celebrate!  
Lakenheath High School History Class Of 1961
      As the most modern high school in USAFE, Lakenheath's school campus was frequently visited by both British and American educators and journalists. Consequently, the students planned a program of activities which would portray the American way of life.
      School was officially opened on September 7. The privilege of establishing traditions and a code of ethics was extended to the student body on that day.
      Quickly, Student Council and class officers were elected, and the school's constitution was written. Lakenheath's colors, red and blue, and its name, Lancers, were chosen by the student body.
      Distinguished visitors arrived to accredit the school and to attend the formal dedication ceremony in October.
  Athletically, Lakenheath was equal to its formidable rival, Bushy Park. The football season ended 3—1; and at the end of the first semester, the Lancers boasted an undefeated basketball team.
      Meanwhile, the student body established the Cambridge Chapter of the National Honor Society. Each of the four classes sponsored an all-school dance, and both the juniors and seniors presented class plays. The seniors also sponsored and directed the Variety Show. However, the climax of the social calendar was, of course, the Junior Senior prom.
      The graduation of the first Lakenheath students was the culmination of the year's events. It symbolized the long hours spent in formulating plans, organizing activities, and preparing for future goals.

We Partied At
The Bobby Hotel
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