When you can't stand up...
1925 - Siberian immigrant Anatol Josepho invented a small, curtained booth that took a strip of four pictures without a photographer. He later invented what would be coined as "Photomaton" which is an automatic photography machine that could produce a strip of 8 photos in 8 minutes.
As the technology caught wind, it was a matter of time before photo booths began sprouting up in every corner of America's gaming arcades, boardwalks, and county fairs & festivals further embedding itself in American culture and eventually becoming as American as apple pie.
Early 1960's - Andy Warhol begins using photo booth portraits in his artwork. He would enlarge or "blow up" the strips then proceed to silkscreen them in various colors & patterns, many of which are now collector's items.
Early 1990's - The company "Photo-Me" was soon found promoting digital color photo booths utilizing a computer and a printer.
2000 to present day - With the enormous advancements in digital photography, software, and printing, photo booths have made a huge comeback. What was once a lost figment of American culture, photo booths today can be found at any event where capturing a candid or heart-felt moment in time is needed, yet made priceless and nostalgic on such a tiny 2x6 inch strip.