In this land of merry old England 
where the Thames flows through,
A famous high school rears its banner,
Lakenheath is true.
Though the ages be forgotten,
send its memories on;
Do great deeds for Alma Mater,
Loyal Lakenheath.
The Alma Mater
    How many of you remember the words. I remember the tune and have heard it at many high school football games including my kids games but the second verse is the only one I remembered until I saw the entire song.

Stephanie Evans Elrod who could forget those words???

Penny Grossman used to sing it as a lullaby when my son was an infant!

Bill Steele Wasn't it Jack Kirk that wrote the words?

Chris Jones Ashman No. It was Cathy Dickson, Carol Adams and me. Sharon Davidson might also have been involved.