All of us remember Assemblies..
Many participated in events taking place in
The Auditorium
General meetings..  Special Speakers..
Awards & Trophies..  Talent Contest..
Drama & Music productions..
Student Council nominations..
Good News and Bad News ..
It all happened here...

The Auditorium was home to many
 Stage Productions of some of the world's finest theatrical offerings...
Musicals.. Tragedies.. Comedies..
All were fair game to our acting talents, such as they were..
In our minds, we were legends..
I am so glad Video Cameras had yet to  be in the hands of our parents..

Daryl Pedigo...Bob Wardell..Medora Browing...Tom Groves
Daryl Pedigo...Tom Groves
Dan Buckley...Sherry Beazley...Florita Moyer...Tom Groves...Doug Burks
Tom Groves
Tom Groves...Daryl Pedigo
Thanks to Tom Groves ('67) for bringing us the production of 
"As Long As They're Happy"
Every year, the Theatre was the home to many theatrical events.
Here the Junior Class of 1964 performed
Charley's Aunt
Steve Linders  Gerry Myers
Dress Rehearsal
Greg Rathjen  Steve Linder
Post Performance Party  Shirley Davidson  Lani Weidnet  Chris Jones  Linda Graham
After last performance  Chris Jones, Shirley Davidson, Steve Linder, Gayle Garbarini (hidden), Gerry Myers, Tom Dick (hidden), Mrs Reeves, Greg Rathjen
After Performance  Helen Linder (Steve's mother)   Steve Linder   Marie Campbell