I thought I'd send a couple of photos from the America concert held in Dover, Delaware on Oct. 9th.  I'm sure most Lancers are aware the members of the band were all Air Force Brats.  I used to live next to Dewey Bunnel at RAF Feltwell before we got base housing at Lakenheath.  Dewey was class of '69.  It was nice reminiscing about the old days and catching up on families.
                                                                   Steve Knox "71
Dewey Bunnel
Steve Knox, Dewey Bunnel, and Larry Knox chatting back stage
Gerry Beckley (America), Steve Knox, Dewey Bunnel, and Larry Knox posing for mug shots
Dewey singing one of Americas many hits...
Dewey with Linda and Jeannie Knox
Yearbook finally signed 32 years later!
Notice how beautiful the girls were then. I can assure you they are just as lovely today!
    On January, 16th we presented our tickets at the entrance door of the King Center in Melbourne, Fl, made our way to our seats thus beginning our musical trip into a very nostalgic evening.
​    America was on stage and Sister Golden Hair Surprise was on our lips. We knew all the words, kept the rhythms with our feet, and added deafening roars of approval at the end of each song.
   I watched Dewey Bunnell '69 play his heart out and I thought about what Lynn Jerger '69 told me.
    "I rode the bus with him  from Feltwell everyday. He was always quietly writing in a notebook." ( I bet he was moving notes in and amongst words for our future enjoyment. )
    After the show we had the chance to meet with the band, get our tickets signed, pose for a picture or two and took a moment for nostalgic comments.
    Do go to their website, find the nearest venue, buy a ticket and after the show tell America, Lancer pride is like no other!
    PS  Remind Gerry Beckley, London Central, we kicked their buts in football.....