We Danced & Hugged & Laughed & Partied in
The Big "D"
October 2005
Terry Pulliam and Curly Black   Long time, no see..!
Knox Rhine shootin' back  !
Checking in for a great party!
Frank D Kelley  Mary Lee Brantley
Dee Davis & Ann Harding
Terry Stahl & Gerry Groves
Vince DeSandro & Mary Lee Brantley
Diane Bagdasarian & Alan Davila
Dick Thornton
Cheryl Ellis & Vince DeSandro
Harry Fleming & Ken Skipper
Lauren Marple
I know that picture is some where in this thing!
Curley Black  Jenny, our super waitress,  Ed Pearcy
After sitting on Marsha Carroll's Martini glass, much to the amusement of everyone, Frank discovers he has Buns Of Steel !
What happens in Dallas, stays in Dallas ?
Marsha Carroll '69 & Mark Grisham '68 ready to dance the night away!
Harry Fleming '66 & Kathy Parrish '68
Frank D Kelley ,66 & Kim Sudderth ,66
Merlot  'August
Bill Brady '68 & Mark Grisham '68
John Young & Lee Dyrer
Terry Pulliam & Bill Burd
Kathy Parrish  Frank D Kelley  Marsha Carroll
Rodney Brown
The '64 Gang
The '66 bunch
Vince DeSandro  Tom Mendel
Classes of '67 '68 '69
The Incomparable Terry Pulliam '66
Geezerball... Just ain't quite the same..
Cheryl Ellis & Gerry groves... Looking good!
'Ya think Cheryl was from Chicksands..?
Donna & Wendy
40 years later and Lee is still Schmoozing in the back of the bus...
We are never too old to dance....
WOW! Butter patties still stick on the ceiling! Cool!