Things Forgotten  ??
    We have our memories of Good Times Past, but what about all those tangible items we used or looked at on a day to day basis? What about all those products  and thingies we have forgotten about?
    This is a Bush TR1 Transistor Radio It had AM & Short Wave.. I actually owned one of these and it picked up Radio Luxemburg & Caroline like they were in my house..  I can't believe I found this picture! Cool....!
    A very Posh Rotary phone.
    The rotor & numbers are on the bottom.
Typical phone found in most British homes in the 60s & 70s
    Typical phone found in any US Base housing unit..
     Nothing rings better than a Bakelite Telephone..     Can you hear me now?
    Can you hear me at all?
    Daddies sauce the ideal condiment for a bacon and egg breakfast.
    Daddies and HP have had the brown sauce market cornered in the UK for more than a century.
     Great on cheese or ham sarnies. It is also rather nice on a dollop of mashed potato.

​    Brown Betty teapots were Hand Made in the Old Caledonia Mills in Stoke On Trent.
    These Teapots are of a traditional Victorian design which reportedly makes the best tea in the world. The red terracotta clay retains heat better than other clays and the shape of the pot causes the tea to be gently swirled around as the boiling water is added.

"I would walk a mile for a bag of Walkers Crisp" Twas the TV Jingle on ITN..
Heinz Spotted Dick Sponge Pudding
    The earliest recipes for spotted dick are from 1847. For non-British readers, "spotted dick" is a boiled suet pudding, with bits of dried fruit (usually raisins or currants) that (as already noted) look like little spots.
   The Oxford Companion to Food comments that, strictly speaking, "spotted dick" is made by taking a flat sheet, spreading sugar and raisins on it, then rolling it up. A similar dessert is "spotted dog," a plain cylinder of suet paste with the raisins and currants and sugar stuck into it, so that the spots are visible on the outside. Both spotted dick and spotted dog were traditionally boiled (or even steamed) in a cloth, but nowadays they are usually baked. 
    Here is a TV show you may have to do some heavy digging in your Memory banks to remember.
    The show was about four young recruits driving around in Ford Zephyr patrol cars, Z Victor One and Z Victor Two (Call sign "Zulu"), encountering harsh urban realities very different from those of the mundane Police shows available at that time. 
Celebrity Collector Cards
Michael Cain
Burt Bacharach - The man who wrote Walk On By, Always Something There To Remind Me, Anyone Who Had A Heart, Alfie, Do You Know The Way To San Jose?, The Look Of Love, What's New Pussycat?, Blue On Blue, I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself, I Say A Little Prayer, I'll Never Fall In Love Again, Make It Easy On Yourself, This Guy's In Love With You, What The World Needs Now Is Love, Wishin' and Hopin', Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa and a huge catalogue of further hits and themes.
From Quatermass and The Pit
    A building site at Hobbs Lane in London unearths a human skull, which is estimated by Dr Matthew Roney to be five million years old. Roney sets up a dig at the site. Quatermass, to his fury, is told that his Rocket Group will be merged with the military under Colonel Breen. Breen is called in by Captain Potter when a strange projectile, possibly a bomb, is found at the dig. Quatermass gets involved, and realises whatever it is, it is five million years old. The strange capsule is unearthed, and Breen claims it is a German V- weapon. It is made of an unknown substance, mildly radioactive and cold to touch. Roney's aide, Barbara Judd, finds a history of supernatural events at Hobbs Lane which Quatermass in interested by. Private West, working inside the capsule, is terrified by an imp-like ghost he claims to have seen. James Fullalove, journalist, becomes involved with Quatermass again as they examine the history of Hobbs Lane - finding Hob, the original spelling, was a name for the Devil. A special drill operated by Sladden is used to open a sealed compartment in the capsule, and three long dead alien insects are revealed. And then there was more..................
    Think they look like that from eating Spotted Dick Pudding? 
Remember those wisent ads for Butlin's Holiday Camps? 
Winkle Picker
Extreme point for extreme people - with 2 inch Cuban heel...Black calf leather.. A lot of the "Cool Ones" wore these.. and are still embarrassed today for having done so....
Z Cars
    Two speeds and Battery Powered to boot!  You and your date could  groove together in the Quadrangle.
    A groundbreaking, surreal sketch show from the madcap mind of Michael Bentine. This fast-moving production combined different comedic styles, from satire to straight slapstick with an 'anything-goes' sensibility.
It's A Square World
Remember the 
Radio Luxemburg
Click the radio to hear the original Radio Luxemburg Gong 
Green Sheild Stamps

A sales promotion or incentive scheme designed to encourage shopping. Popular in the UK during the Sixties and Seventies. Shoppers were presented with stamps based on the size of their purchase.
1966   Beatle George Harrison marries model Patti Boyd
"Nice to see you, to see you . . . nice". In 1971 Bruce Forsyth was offered The Generation Game - the first show where the public got to perform on prime time Saturday night television. The popularity increased and by the second series the viewing figures were at 21 million . 

The Generation Game was Based on a Dutch game show called Een Van De Aacht.  Contestants had to dress up, bake cakes, perform magic acts, do impersonations and much much more during the game.
Who could ever forget the
 Mini Skirt? 
Why a 12 sided coin?
    Back in 1968, a few weeks after devaluation, Harold Wilson produced the "I'm backing Britain" campaign. That campaign was made that much easier because the pound bought less overseas.
    People were encouraged to sport tee-shirts and badges emblazoned with "I'm backing Britain" over a union jack. A group of Surbiton secretaries worked an extra half an hour a day for free and many thousands followed in the teeth of great opposition from trade unions.     The Duke of Edinburgh even lent his support.
The Seven Day girls were always looking to the mail from home to get more of these...
    British fashion-designer Mary Quant (1934–) revolutionized women's fashion in the 1960s with her miniskirt.     Miniskirts were so short that they revealed the garters used to hold up stockings. Women needed hosiery to cover up more of their legs. 
    By 1965, the first pair of pantyhose greeted women who were fed up with trying to hide the snaps and clips used to hold up conventional stockings.     Although hemlines have since changed many times, women have continued to prefer pantyhose over stockings held by garters or corsets.
During Jimi's ride, what dorm room did not have his poster up or his music ripping up the night?
Bell Bottom Pants

Bell Bottoms were not only popular, but were very comfortable to wear. Many styles,colors & materials led to a varied array interesting designs. Do youi think Bell Bottoms would go well with a well shined pair of Winkle Pickers.
    As the Singing PostmanAllan Smethurst benefited from the British public’s endearing sympathy for the underdog. His most popular hit, Hev Yew Gotta Loight, Boy?, momentarily outsold the Beatles — in East Anglia, at least — and for a few weeks became a national catchphrase. But like many novelty stars before and since, his 15 minutes of fame was little more than that, and after four albums he faded from the public consciousness ending his days as an alcoholic in the care of the Salvation Army.