Lancers From The
The Class of 1967
Got Together In May of 07
For A Party In San Antonio
Pam Glore
Lancers and Significant others...
Glenn Lunsford & wife Kathy Crain
Jamie Hartley
Jamie brags on being the Class of 67 Official Stud Muffin
"Not with that head of hair..."
"I was the Muffin then...!!
And I could be the Muffin now...!!
Jim Melton ever so politely disagrees.....
Kathy Ingram   Pam Glore   Micky Biggers
Pam Autin
Hospitality Suite
Mike King
    If after partying and staying awake for 3 days straight in a row... 
    If you left The Big Mingle with classic symptoms of Nostalgic Overload streaming down your cheek....
     Then blame this Lancer right here! It's all his fault!
    Tad Corgill put The Big Mingle together in a very short period of time.... 
    Ya done good Tad!!
    Ya pulled it off!!!
Tad Corgill & Tom Groves
Homecoming 1967
Homecoming 1967
A girls night out?
Jim Melton
Lee Smith