The Great 2008 Lakenheath
Catch Us If You Can
Reunion Bash

Greenville SC will never be the same...
This Reunion will have Memories of long durations for all of those in attendance. Did we have fun or what?  Thank you Mark Grisham and Sherry Carroll.
And so it began on a Wednesday afternoon.  Al Blanz  Mike Bradey  Marsha Carroll  Frank D Kelley
Ron Spatafora.. Keeper of the Mug Shots
Harold Tavares & his lovely bride
Olga Wright
Ken "Fish" Skipper
Sherry Carroll
Frank D Kelley & Bill Burd
The Food at Connolly's Irish Pub was goooood!
The folks at
Connolly's Irish Pub were kind enough to put up with our kind of fun!
Service was great...
Food was good...
Libations were the best...
Statue atrracted the pretty ones..
The Blues Brothers rip up the place with talent
Singing our songs
Ann Harding admires Greg Rathjens listing right with his eyes closed trick
Roger Nelson leads the way for the Deaftones
Marsha Carroll & Lynn Jerger
Me thinks Don Osborne forgot the words...
Debbie Turner & Zeke Wilson dance like they mean it...
Mak Grisham & Guest Of Honor Lancer Mom Carroll dance lightly
Terry Stahl indicates it is time for some relief
Remember Bic lighters at concerts? Now we have a real use for celphones...
Jeannie Harding & Frank D Kelley...
Guest of Honor Gordon and Sharon Albert
Guest of Honor LTC Jack and Frances Grisham
Lee Dyer  Wendy Underahl
Dan Jeffery  Bob Creswll  Greg Skarstad
Dan Cummins
Linda Graham  Gerry Groves  Wendy Underahl
Gerry Groves deflates the John Chadwick Blow-Up Doll
Terry Pulliam has a dart !! RUN  RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN
Rusty Hutchison  Aunty Marsha  Randy Hutchison
Ron Spatafora, the OTHER Babe Magnet
Joanne Clement   Bee Sontag
John Neiderkorn & wife Wanda
Bob Dorman  Dean Golden
Bob Sykes  Maya Wright
Terry Stahl & Mr. Onion Rings
Al Blanz
Pat Pauley
Bill Bradey  Debbie Turner
Mike Robinson & wife Sandy
Pam Buchanon   Lynn Jerger
Dia Edmund & Husband
The Beast sleeps....
Frank D Kelley  Pam Buchanon