The Lancers Of 1972
 ( With a little help from the classes of 70-75 )
 hosted a bash in
Park City, Utah
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July 2002
Jamie Spaine   Margaret Dickson   Patty Howell  *2002 and still lovely!*
Jamie Spaine  Margaret Dickson  Patty Howell  1972  Dorm 1  Room 11
Did the music stop?
Neal Johnson and Calvin Rawson show off their new dentures...
Chuck Aitkin   Holly Chistensen
Kathy Waugh  Missy Cauley  Holly Christensen  Mark Gilzean
Margaret Dickson   Greg Graves
 Margaret Dickson  Patty Howell  Debra Biggs  Ann Ohmann  Kathy Waugh  Susan Eakes  Dorothy Seawright  Donna McGeogh
Chris Christensen and Maya Wright  ignore Kim Emery and Gary Porter
Andre Bigham  Karen Hamel & spouse
The Place Setting judges are about to announce the winner...
Calvin Rawson asures Holly of his intentions not to MC the dance in a thong..
Holly and Kathleen Waugh
Missy Cauley learns too late, it's a squirt camera...
Jim and Holly drop Gummy Bears to the crowds below...
John Hemersbach and Bob Weakley
Karen Hamel and John Hemersbach
Kathleen Waugh convinces Rick Hill he does have dance talents...
Mulligans and our second home...
Live Cricket and beer... life is good
Neal Johnson and Cynthia Nettles find Rick Hill's dance style very strange indeed..
Linda Bishoff and Rodney Copeland
Peggy & Steve study the letter "R" and the number "4"
Rachel Evans has just handed Jim Stava the bill....
Randy Rushe on the right
Ray "I don't need instructions for this thing" Tate
Rick Hill and Chuck Aitken dance in public....